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91% of the public lands in northwest New Mexico are leased for drilling. Yet, the BLM is pressing to further expand oil and gas activity in the Greater Chaco region.

Community, Culture, & Climate

Oil and gas activity rules in this region–to the detriment of the health of the residents and the health of the landscape.

More than 2-dozen tribes consider this region sacred and with good reason: the area contains more than 230 cultural sites that are outlier settlements of Chaco Canyon National Historical Park.

It’s a fracking mess.

Methane flares dot the landscape. A tangled web of access roads and barren well pads have fragmented wildlife and plant habitat.

In July, 36 oil tanks caught fire and burned for days, forcing 55 local residents to evacuate their homes (read the article here).

This is not just a regional concern. Sitting under the nation’s largest methane hot spot, expanded drilling will spew even more pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, further aggravating our changing climate.

Now’s the time to speak out.

The BLM is amending it’s 2003 Resource Management Plan (RMP-A) to include new fracking on public lands in the Greater Chaco region.

This is our opportunity to:

  • End oil and gas leasing in northwest New Mexico
  • Retire existing, undeveloped leases
  • Implement safeguards for the environment and local communities
  • Require tribal consultation at every planning stage

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