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Colorado – La Plata Broads

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Broadband Leader: Priscilla Sherman
Broadband Co-Leader: Chara Ragland
Durango, Colorado

Priscilla Sherman
Chara Ragland 

Are you passionate about wild, public lands? Want to make a difference in your local area?

The La Plata Broads Broadband encompasses a whole lot of beautiful mountain wilderness in southwest Colorado.

Priscilla Sherman

Chara Ragland

As you know, there are numerous areas and issues around in the Four Corners area that need Broad attention. Local voices are the voices that get attention.

We’ll help you focus your energies, teach you how to advocate for your wild, public lands, help you organize local Broads, and share our Broad camaraderie.

Focus areas:

  • US Forest Service Trail plan implementation
  • Public land grazing
  • Wilderness proposals
  • Public education
  • Legislation
  • Awareness building


  • Monitoring
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Attending meetings
  • Protests and rallies
  • Collaborating with San Juan Mountains Association, Mountain Studies Institute, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, San Juan Citizen’s Alliance and many other groups

Monitoring off-road vehicles and grazing activity, assessing the health of streams in areas where grazing is allowed, and tracking the impact on public lands of gas and oil drilling all fall within our mission statement.

Camping, hiking and creating projects that support healthy wild lands is just right for some of us, and lobbying and writing letters is just right for others of us. Either way, we value good food, a good broad base of colleagues, and good laughs. Come join us!JOIN-300x188

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