Speak Out Against Drilling in the Arctic Nat’l Wildlife Refuge

Alaska_BroadbandKey Talking Points (links to more below)

  • Drilling in ANWR could set a horrible precedent for future resource extraction on America’s wildlife refuges, Wilderness, national parks, and monuments.
  • Seventy percent of American voters oppose drilling in the ANWR.
  • Ninety-five percent of the Arctic is already open to oil & gas drilling. There is no need to defile additional lands that have been designated for protection.
  • ANWR is America’s largest wildlife refuge, providing habitat and birthing grounds for native caribou, polar bear and migrating birds from across the globe. Oil drilling would threaten the existence of more than 700 plants and animals.
  • The massive infrastructure needed to extract and transport oil would fragment vital habitat and disrupt wildlife.
  • Drilling in ANWR is high-risk and produces dirty oil.
  • Development would potentially discharge more below-ground carbon reserves, further contributing to a warming climate.
  • Drilling would threaten the way of life and human rights for indigenous tribes who rely on caribou and other wildlife for sustenance.

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