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Spring 2017


From the Front Lines of Defense & Hope

Since our last Broadsides, we regret to inform you (in case you missed it) that we are living in a new reality. Within minutes of President Trump’s inauguration, all references to climate change disappeared from the White House website […]

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In A Broad Sense – Express Your Matriotism! Become a ReSister!

Like many Broads, I cut my teeth on activism. In the early 1980s, I assisted citizen groups in my home state of Tennessee and neighboring Kentucky fighting chemical hazards from toxic waste dumpsites and a local tannery […]

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Durango BB Mtg Dec 2016

Advocacy Corner – How to Take Action NOW! 

With Congress busy proposing bills that critically affect public lands and so much more, many of you have asked, “What can we do NOW? Where can I make the greatest impact and how can I get involved?” As a member of Broads, you are not alone. […]

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Misinformation, Fake News, and Propaganda

In spite of overwhelming scientific evidence supporting climate change, a segment of the population still believes climate change is a “hoax”. How did these individuals come to that conclusion? Aside from a vocal anti-science […]

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Fall 2016

Great Old Broads for Wolves

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Keeping the Wilderness Act Intact

Keeping the Wilderness Act Intact by Lionel Di Giacomo In July, Utah Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee introduced a bill called the Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act (S.B. 3205*). If passed, it would be the first law to amend the Wilderness Act since its enactment in 1964. Wilderness lovers—mountain bikers or not—should oppose [...]

In a Broad Sense – Tweaking the Wilderness Act?

Plenty of our members—and those of other conservation organizations—are passionate about both wilderness and mountain bikes, just not in the same place. In a Broad Sense - Tweaking the Wilderness Act? by Shelley Silbert When I was in my twenties, a friend and I rode our mountain bikes along the scenic route from Portland to [...]

Forest Planning in a Time of Climate Change

A slew of new forest plans provides rare opportunity for big climate action. Forest Planning in a Time of Climate Change by Lionel Di Giacomo Every ten to fifteen years, National Forests must revise their land management plans, commonly called forest plans, to guide management for years to come. In 2012, a new Forest Service [...]

Advocacy Corner – Effective Public Policy Advocacy

Advocacy Corner: How to Be an Effective Public Policy Advocate by Lauren Berutich Ever wonder, “Can I, as one person, really make a difference?” Our backyards are changing quickly, and the environmental challenges we face are complicated and complex. True, having a positive impact is a daunting task, however, it can be done. In fact, [...]