Arizona – Welcome to the Middle Gila Broadband

Geographic area

The Middle Gila chapter serves rural Arizona between Phoenix and Tucson, sweeping from Casa Grande through Florence, and to Superior and Globe.

Broadband Leaders:

Roz Switzer & Emily Matyas

Contact us:


Florence, AZ

Focus Areas:

  • Ecological water sustainability
  • Wildlife protection and recovery
  • Bureau of Land Management public land protection
  • Borderlands Health, including Border Wall removal and damage mitigation
  • Exploring the wild


  • Pursuing sustainable ecological water legislation for ecosystems & wildlife habitat as a participating member of the Sustainable Water Network.
  • Advocating for the full recovery of the highly endangered Mexican Gray Wolf.
  • Attending Environmental Day at the Arizona Capitol, public rallies, Earth Day, and educational events about wildlands and wildlife.
  • Mapping the environmental disturbance of the border wall to identify areas for immediate removal and habitat restoration.
  • Participating in Burrowing Owl relocation as development encroaches on their habitat.
  • Hiking and monitoring our desert’s health.

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