Contact: JoAnn Valenti, 813-251-5754,

JoAnn explains why the Broadband volunteered to steward the nesting sites of native black skimmers. The fly-by emphasized her point!

Range: State of Florida

Interests/focus areas: specie protection, public education and outreach, national forest service travel planning, and coastal restoration.

Projects: “Tern sitting”, tabling at events, wetlands restoration, mangroves, swamp and coastal restoration.

Florida’s Broadband spans the whole peninsula with members and issues spread from the Panhandle to the Keys and all points in between. Those of us who are natives have been fighting battles to protect/restore our environment for decades. Newcomers to the state–and our snowbirds–have joined in the effort to conserve what brings many people here: coastal waters, wild rivers, much wildlife found no where else in the country, and lush plant life. Many environment organizations and government agencies invite Broad participation. Join us in mothering Florida’s nature.