RGVBB Leader Susan OstlieBroadband Leader – Susan Ostlie, 505-275-9491,
Broadband Assistant – Susan Gunckel, 505-842-1764,

Range of action: North Central Rio Grande Valle, New Mexico, Albuquerque vicinity, West Placitas Mountain Range to the Eastern Cibola National Forest, Manzano National Forest, and Sandia Mountain Range 

Interests/focus areas: Wilderness proposals, BLM and USFS travel management planning, grazing, legislative, inter-agency co-operation for public land habitat restoration, trail use monitoring

Projects: Monitoring, collaborating with groups like Wilderness Alliance, Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, Volunteers for the Outdoors and US Forest Service, potlucks, and public land restoration projects

Fence Monitoring in the Gila Wilderness

On a temperate weekend in early May, 17 members of Broads, WildEarth Guardians, and other volunteers gathered in the Gila National Forest. The mission: to examine fencing and stream conditions impacted by USFS-approved livestock grazing in the Mexican grey wolf recovery area. They found many of the livestock fences in desperate need of repair, giving cattle access to sensitive riparian habitat that supports the Southwest willow flycatcher, Chiricahua leopard frog and a number of imperiled fish. The group documented downed fences and other permit violations to use in WildEarth Guardians’ grazing reform comments to the Gila National Forest.

Broads and WildEarth Guardians Gila Grazing Monitoring Report

Report Cover Letter

Below: Katja filming for a wolf documentary during the Gila Fence Monitoring Broadwalk in May.

Monitoring the Gila Wilderness, 2013