Contact: Gail Solomon, 510-301-6673,

Range: SE Utah

Interests/focus areas: Grazing on public lands, National Forest travel management planning, wilderness proposals, Canyonlands and redrock desert of Utah

Projects: ORV management and monitoring, range monitoring grazing on public lands, monitoring trail use in national forests like the Manti – La Sal NF, tabling at events, attending protests and rallies. Collaborating with groups like the Red Rock Forests, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, the Grand Canyon Trust, Uranium Watch, and the Nature Conservancy.

The Southeast Utah Broadband, based in Moab, has a penchant for red rocks and occasional mountain ranges and riparian oases. We meet irregularly and send few emails. Adventure, Broadness, and Greatness are our priorities (the ABG’s, if you will). This group, established in 2010, strives to hike with a purpose. That could included assisting local agencies with illegal route monitoring or other projects associated with the Healthy Lands Project. We work with other local groups to collaborate and have a good time. We thrive in the desert and find refuge among water. There is definitely room for additional activities and involvement as members desire. Seasonal group members welcome.