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Have you ever visited Capitol Reef National Park?

Comments are due Friday, August 17 on the Capitol Reef National Park (CRNP) plan for cattle grazing (one allotment) and cattle herd trailing (six trails, several off-Park private ranchers). 

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process was begun in 2015, but was abruptly switched to an Environmental Assessment (EA) process in 2018.

Your comments on the following would be important:

  • Complete the EIS process as was planned from 2015 to 2018. An EA is to be prepared when there are “no significant impacts” or to determine whether an EIS is needed. The EA indicates cattle grazing/trailing is causing and will continue to cause significant impacts.
  • Compare the Park’s single action alternative with the Sustainable Grazing Alternative which was submitted for the EIS in 2015 by Grand Canyon Trust and Great Old Broads for Wilderness. The SGA proposes, among other elements:

— Conservative (30%) forage utilization rather than moderate (45%) utilization

— The standard that cattle grazing and trailing should be managed such that soil, riparian, and vegetation conditions remain at no more than 20% reduction from conditions in non-grazed (reference areas) and that recovery proceed at 80% of the rate seen in recovery areas (i.e., areas recently exclosed).

— Procedures by which public observations of grazing problems will result in discussions about solutions to the problems.

  • Require fencing during cattle trailing of unprotected springs and riparian areas that are in nonfunctioning condition.

You can comment HERE.

Please contact Mary O’Brien at maryobrien10@gmail.com for a copy of the Sustainable Grazing Alternative.