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Washington—North Olympic Peninsula Broadband

Geographic Area
Serving San Juan, Island, Clallam, and Jefferson counties of NW Washington.

Broadband Leaders
Krestine Reed

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Meet our spankin’ new Broadband, the North Olympic Peninsula Broads! NOP Broads will offer knowledge based stewardship and advocacy in a swath of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem from the Pacific Coast through the Juan de Fuca Strait up into the Olympic National Forest and out into the north Salish Sea (San Juan, Whidbey, and Fidalgo Islands). It may seem like a big swath, but it’s all in the same ecosystem with interdependent bioregions. In addition, the lower Snake River dams environmental degradation is of special concern, especially endangered wild Chinook salmon. Decades of human caused inhospitable river conditions have depleted this keystone species to the state of placing the iconic Southern Resident Orca in jeopardy of extinction.

Educational events, stewardship projects, and activist actions are in the planning stages. Details will be available as they develop. Feedback and input are always encouraged and appreciated as are members’ time and talents. NOP Broads and Bros will band together for rewarding contributions that make a difference.

The COVID-19 lockdown prohibited this year’s involvement in the Science & Technology Celebration in Port Angeles and the Corn Booth at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. But next year will be awesome with a Nordic Festival theme hosting “Draken,” the largest Viking ship in the world. Oo ah, like those Vikings. Both of these events offer exposure, outreach, and involvement opportunities galore.

Members will have opportunity to really dig in and get involved in real grassroots environmental stewardship and advocacy actions in the ecosystem and community in which they live.

As an NOP Broad, you can be that somebody who should do something about that!

Thank you for considering joining a group that is committed to education, stewardship, activism, and fun, fun, fun!

Become a member of Great Old Broads for Wilderness and join our Broadband today!

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