We are currently looking for wildly passionate Broads to serve on our Board of Directors.

Directors are responsible for organizational governance, policy development, and assuring that the necessary resources  – including funds, staff, and professional expertise – are available to accomplish Broads mission. Directors are expected to be “Doers, Donors, and Door Openers.”

Because Broads Directors are dispersed nationwide, they currently meet every other month with staff via phone conference and annually during a weekend retreat.

This is a volunteer position that carries the benefits of Broad camaraderie and the satisfaction of knowing you are at the heart of Broads critical work.

To apply, contact Director Saralaine Millet
E-mail – saralaine.millet@gmail.com
Or, you can always call the Broads main office, 970-385-9577.

Current Board of Directors

Director Responsibilities


To use the voices and activism of elders to protect and preserve wilderness and wild lands.


To make destructive uses of wild public lands unacceptable to the American people.