Energy/Mineral Exploration & Extraction

Colorado-Rifle-Gas-Flare-8The continuing drive for corporations to seek out and extract resources from our public lands creates an ongoing battle for Broads and other like-minded organizations. These activities exact a high price on the land. They impair air and water quality, disrupt or destroy wildlife habitat, and disturb the natural quiet and scenic beauty of the land.

Check out our recommended reading list to learn more about the effects of exploration and extraction on our public lands.

Energy development is extensive in the area surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico. One of the best examples of Puebloan culture centers in the southwestern U.S., this video shows the encroachment of oil & gas development on Chaco.

Public Lands Pillaged for Profit

The antiquated Mining Act of 1872 allows extraction of mineral resources without compensation for the resources removed. In some cases, Wilderness designation comes bundled from Congress with compromises that allow private companies to profit through the exploration and extraction of resources on public lands. This may include the cutting of roads through roadless areas, the scarring addition of pipelines, and the transport of toxic and flammable substances across protected lands. The situation is worse in areas outside of wilderness.

“There are as many as 10,000 existing mining claims on BLM and U.S. Forest Service lands near the Grand Canyon for all types of hard-rock exploration”—Ecoflight

You’ll find Broads and Bros speaking out to prevent energy and mining activities from being sanctioned in future land protection designations. You’ll also find Broadbands and Broad-minded folks fighting tar sands and oil drilling, fighting mega-loads on scenic highways, and working to restrict leasing plans.

To get involved…contact your local Broadband or work with the national office to start your own monitoring project. Watch our website for action alerts and events that provide opportunities for education, advocacy, stewardship, and (of course) fun.

Energy/Mineral Exploration & Extraction

Broads’ Position Statement

Energy and mineral exploration and extraction has many harmful impacts including pipeline installation, the creation of roads and utility corridors in roadless areas, and transportation of toxic materials. These activities negatively affect water and air quality, wildlife habitat, and the natural quiet of the lands.

  • Designated Wilderness, Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Study Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, roadless areas; areas with wild, pristine character and wilderness qualities; and critical wildlife habitat and corridors must be protected from the impacts of energy and mining activities.*
  • Energy and mining activities should not be allowed in future designations of protected lands.

Great Old Broads advocates for reducing the demand for fossil fuels through conservation and sustainable alternative energy sources.

* We recognize in some cases, designation language specifically allows such activities.

Here is a PDF of the Energy/Mineral position statement.




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