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March 28 | 7 pm – Zoom presentation from visual & sound artist Nikki Lindt.

March 28 | 7 pm – Presentation by visual & sound artist Nikki Lindt (Zoom)


March 28, 2024


7:00 PM



Please join the Polly Dyer Seattle Broadband on March 28 at 7 pm via Zoom for an interesting speaker, Nikki Lindt.
Nikki is a visual and sound artist who records and captures underground sound.  She will share her artistic journey of how and why she came to record these sounds all the way from the Arctic Circle to the forests of New York City. Nikki will also share recent, yet to be released, recordings she captured last summer inside of thawing permafrost. You can see more about Nikki’s work at or her underground sound project at
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