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Following in Her Footsteps

Plucky and spirited, committed and inspired—what better words to portray the personality of Broads…

Susan Tixier 1997 Escalante

“Susan had spontaneous and daring ideas. Calling the organization Great Old Broads for Wilderness was a stroke of imagination. She was an innovative and a great leader, and she did amazing things for the environment.” – Frandee Johnson, a Broads’ co-founder

In October, Great Old Broads for Wilderness lost our principle founder, Susan Tixier, at age 73.

Many long-time members knew Susan–visionary as an eagle, quirky as a raven, enthusiastic as a ferret, undaunted as a pack of wolves, and above all, unflaggingly committed to wild nature. She had a knack for converting outrage to action, gathering kindred spirits in the quest to defend the public lands they loved from unneeded roads, unrestrained grazing on fragile landscapes, and other affronts. Susan knew the passion, commitment, and wisdom of older women would add weight to the fight for wilderness.

Plucky and spirited, committed and inspired–what better words to portray the personality of Broads, a true reflection of Susan, as we continue our work to protect wild public lands. Over the past twenty-six years, we’ve sharpened our focus and expanded our reach. Yet we remain true to our roots–the grassroots, that is–and Susan’s vision as a singular wilderness organization that engages and ignites women as wilderness advocates.

To honor her legacy and sustain her vision to protect wild public lands, we’re dedicating funds raised at the close of this year to the memory of our founder, Susan Tixier. Perhaps you knew and loved Susan, or are simply inspired by her foresight and the work we do today.

Will you consider a special year-end gift in Susan’s memory to make our wilderness protection work even more vital for the long term?



“I’ve tried to put my finger on it, but your organization has a tone of optimism and fun that is a strong contrast from other environmental interest groups (and I support many). The Broads stand apart…I enjoy every issue of your newsletter that comes to me–they’re like letters from home.” – David Roloff, Member, October 2015

We remain committed to the core values that Susan promoted: education, advocacy, and stewardship, with our signature touch of humor and fun. In 2015, Broads:

Solidified support for wild land protection campaigns

…in the Owyhee Canyonlands of Oregon and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. We focused attention on conservation concerns through regional Broadwalks in New Mexico’s Zuni Mountains and Oregon’s South Crooked River. And we held Broadworks, along with many stewardship projects, contributing sweat and labor to restore our wild places.

Revitalized training and organizing assistance

…for 36 local Broadband chapters. Broadband action was bolder than ever, with such highlights as rallying for lower Snake River dam removals in Washington, testifying for Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico and Arizona, restoration and monitoring in Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and New Mexico, and working for wilderness and national monument designation across the United States.

Advocated to make public lands part of the solution to climate change.

…we adopted a new climate change position in January, then honed climate change messages and educational goals; trained Broadband leaders and members; and, joined forces with regional and national partners in campaigns like “Keep it In The Ground” to strategically oppose new fossil fuel leasing on public lands.

Fought for healthy public lands

…through agency planning processes, serving as public land watchdogs, and litigating when necessary throughout the country.


Please feel free to honor her memory with thoughts or a personal note. We will share these notes and names of all contributors* with Susan’s family, and if you’re willing, we may share your comments in our next newsletter.

SunflowerBroadsYour financial support, as well as your activism, involvement, and leadership, is vital to our goal of protecting wilderness and wild public lands.

To all who dream and fight, to all who laugh, and to all who speak for the lands and living things that have no voice or vote, we send our warmest thanks for your support.

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