The Ginger Harmon Wild Land Advocacy Fund

With deep appreciation to a founder, early board leader, and indefatigable explorer who helped frame the work—and the personality—of Great Old Broads, we’ve launched a special fund within the comprehensive campaign, the Ginger Harmon Wild Land Advocacy Fund. The fund will ensure that wild land advocacy and litigation remain forever a pinnacle of our work.

As a broad who has stuck with us from our earliest days, few people personify the grit, commitment, and wilderness knowledge as Ginger Harmon. Canyonmeister in Utah, mountain climber, and guide in the Himalayas, Ginger walked 1,500 miles across Europe and co-wrote a book about the experience. She hiked, skied, and kayaked countless miles in the Sierras, Grand Canyon, Idaho, and Mexico. And she purposefully put her observations to work by writing endless letters to federal agencies about grazing, off-road vehicles, and other impacts on public lands. Ginger served as a standing declarant for wilderness, including lawsuits to protect Grand Canyon wilderness and to block helicopters from landing in the Frank Church Wilderness so that Idaho Game & Fish could collar wolves.

Ginger invented the concept of “wilderness tithing”—a commitment to give a portion of income and assets each year to the public lands we love. And so she has—as a long-time advocate and unfaltering supporter of many conservation organizations, including Broads.

Perhaps Ginger introduced you to Broads, met you on an early hike, or continues to inspire you today.  Or perhaps you are ready to step up to “wilderness tithing.” If so, and to honor the legacy of an early founder and steadfast broad today, please contribute to the Ginger Harmon Wild Land Advocacy Fund.  Simply identify your contribution with the fund’s name. And if you want to include a card or message for Ginger, we will be sure to pass it on to her with pleasure!


Your Gift Helps Us:

  • Hire an Advocacy Manager to develop and pursue advocacy campaigns, strategically prepare Broads for legal action, and collaborate with conservation partners.
  • Expand training for members in effective lobbying techniques and offer travel scholarships to Washington, D.C. for advocates to speak to elected officials on behalf of public lands and waters.
  • Cover the costs of litigation as a critical tool to achieve long-lasting public land protections, such as protecting old growth trees, roadless areas, monuments, natural quiet, and more.
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