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NEPA “Reform” Talking Points
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Summary Talking Points

  • NEPA protects our public health and promotes environmental justice by ensuring that communities are aware and properly informed of any possible threats to their health and environment.
  • NEPA also gives a voice to local communities to weigh in on decisions impacting their health and environment. NEPA allows the public to provide valuable information and get involved with federal decision-makers.
  • NEPA saves taxpayer money! It’s one of the few tools the government possesses to help it assess whether proposed projects will have unexpected consequences and costs, and saves money by  forcing the government to gather all available information, consider project alternatives, and listen to local communities first.
  • NEPA ensures climate change remains an integral part of the federal government’s decision-making process by requiring federal agencies to quantify the project’s anticipated carbon footprint and eventual contribution to greenhouse gases and climate change.
  • The strength and flexibility of NEPA and its regulations are one of the reasons it is the United States most widely imitated law, with more than 160 other countries adopting laws modeled after NEPA.
  • Insist that your member of Congress vote against any bills that would weaken or in any way undermine the federal government’s environmental review process and make sure project proposals do not  include any provisions that would attack, weaken, or waive NEPA and its legal protections for local communities.