Advocacy, Education, Stewardship, and Fun

Great Old Broads for Wilderness amplifies the feminine voice, inspiring seasoned women across the country to use their valuable years of experience and assume leadership roles to advocate for the protection of wild lands. We support grassroots action and an engaged and informed citizenry.

Bodacious Battlers

Broads are immersed—we are the eyes and ears, the boots on the ground, the reporters and supporters, holding agencies and decision makers to task for responsible management of our public lands.

Prudent Protectors

We push for stronger policies and laws to protect land, water, and wildlife. Broads show up, create public awareness, and provide substantive comments on public lands planning policies and management. We testify on behalf of wilderness and wildlife.

Erudite Earth Mothers

Broads develop a strong understanding of issues and educate others. Events and communications empower and impart a 360º view—the history, the politics, the flora and fauna, the health of the land. We teach volunteers to be citizen scientists: how to document impacts to public lands, gather data, and most effectively advocate for protection of land and water.

Nurturing Nature Lovers

On our own and with partners, we’re there to repair, restore, and care for public lands. From re-seeding to fence building to trail repair, Broads lend their loving hands to tend our public lands.

Playful Proponents

Best of all, Broads bring their own brand of FUN to the conservation movement. As columnist Molly Ivins said, “You got to have fun if you plan on staying involved for the long haul.” Great Old Broads for Wilderness is definitely in it for the long haul.

Our Focus Areas:



This is a top priority. Broads collaborate with conservation partners to urge Congress to designate new Wilderness areas. We challenge those whose conservation vision falls short. We also monitor…


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Livestock Grazing


Americans have a deep love for our “wild west” beginnings, with starry-eyed visions of dusty cowboys aback horses, crooning to cattle scattered across wild open prairies. Yet, behind this idealized vision…


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Roads & Vehicular Use


Broads takes the position that vehicular access should occur only on designated roadways and trails. Sadly, there are recreationalists who disregard travel routes—out of ignorance, disrespect…


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Recapture Utah!


Broads’ Recapture Utah! campaign is about protecting the extraordinary splendor, wildness, and diversity of southern Utah. From slick rock canyons to forested sky islands, these public lands encompass astonishing geology, biodiversity, world-class cultural sites…


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Energy/Mineral Exploration


The continuing drive for corporations to seek out and extract resources from our public lands creates an ongoing battle for Broads and other like-minded organizations. These activities exact a high price on the land.


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Climate Change


What does Climate Change have to do with public lands? Everything! Climate change affects all life on Earth. Much of Broads’ work is related to reducing or eliminating activities on public lands that contribute to global warming and exacerbate the affects of our changing climate.


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