Yampa Rafting

On the Yampa with Holiday Expeditions.

Join Holiday Expeditions and Broads for this 4-day rafting trip down the Yampa River, June 8-11. Every May and June this river rises to the occasion and CRANKS with plenty of full-bodied waves from the first day to the last. Like many wild things the Yampa also has a serene side…miles of white tiger-striped walls that drop 2000 feet sheer to the water, side-canyon waterfalls, Ancestral Puebloan rock art, and whispering caves.

Launches: June 8, 2012
Location: Dinosaur National Monument, CO & UT
Meet at: Vernal, UT
Cost: $895 ($295 is deductible as a charitable contribution to Broads)

The Yampa is WILD. It’s the last undammed river in the Colorado River system. Through the years the Yampa has defied many attempts to dam its free flow, several by congress, and the most formidable in 1965 by Mother Nature. Just after dinner on June 10th, a flash flood carried tons of rock down Warm Springs draw blocking the river channel. Within twenty-four hours the Yampa took aim and breached the dam, leaving in its wake Warm Springs Rapid, rated among the 10 biggest drops in the country.

We will spend 46 miles of this 71-mile trip on the Yampa and then merge with the Green River at Echo Park for the balance through Whirlpool Canyon and Split Mountain Gorge. If you feel the need for something rare, something wild and free…the Yampa is waiting.

To sign up for this amazing, Broad adventure, contact Holiday Expeditions – 800-624-6323

Holiday Expeditions guest comments about Yampa River Rafting:

Calm spot on the Yampa.

“The Yampa was the perfect trip with other young adults the same age as our sons.  The guides were as much as the fun hiking as rafting.   Loved the Native American and early-settlers sites.  I have been telling all our friends and family they have to go.  My 14-year-old son never missed his cell phone or TV and said it was his best adventure ever!” – Chris Green, OH

“We loved our trip, even wish it had been longer.  I will never forget it and loved our guides!  Also, I really appreciate the sustainable approach Holiday has to their operations, the pigs eating the food waste is a great thing, and eating the local melons on the trip was cool.  Keep it up and continue to do more, it will pay off in the end!” –  The Heidingers, UT

“Wanted to say THANK YOU for the most fantastic trip I have ever taken!  I was admittedly apprehensive about 5 days camping and rafting down the Yampa River with my 15-year-old son, but it could not have turned out any better! My son was made to feel right at home with everyone.  Wonderful guests, guides and an amazing adventure!” –  Lisa Harman, NC

To sign up for this amazing, Broad adventure, contact Holiday Expeditions – 800-624-6323

Video about the Yampa