We’re seeking leader-types who are interested in leading a Broadband to attend our third annual Broadband Leader Boot Camp – March 17-21, in Moab, Utah. Interested members may nominate themselves for Boot Camp 2011 by submitting an application at https://www.greatoldbroads.org//get-involved/broadbands/boot-camp-ap.

Leaders will be trained in grassroots organization, communication, lobbying skills, wilderness history, documentation of on-the-ground abuses, and Broads’ positions on issues such as grazing, off-road vehicles, and oil, gas, and mineral development. The training will run for three full days and four evenings over a working weekend.

Broadband Leader Boot Camp 2011 will again be at Pack Creek Ranch near Moab, UT, with Jane and Ken Sleight as our hosts.  We will train up to 15 new leaders from across the country to organize local Broads.  Funding is provided by a grant from Ben & Jerry’s Foundation so we can offer this training, including meals and lodging, at no charge. Participants will be responsible for travel to Moab, attending the full Boot Camp training, and developing a one-year plan for their Broadband.

Questions? Contact Rose at 970-385-9577 or rose@greatoldbroads.org.

Start Date: 2011-03-17
End Date: 2011-03-21