Launches: July 11, 2011
Location: Green River, UT
Cost: $1,145 ($350 is deductible as a charitable contribution to Broads)

Join Holiday Expeditions and Broads Board of Directors member Karen Ryman for this 5-day rafting trip down the legendary Cataract Canyon gorge.

Cataract Canyon, within the protective boundaries of Canyonlands National Park, is at the heart of Greater Canyonlands, an awe-inspiring landscape of vast scenic, geological, cultural and natural riches that is facing unprecedented threats from the impacts of exploding off-road vehicle use, energy development and mining. During the trip we’ll share information about ongoing efforts to secure lasting protections for the broader Canyonlands region.

We’ll explore canyon grottos, waterfalls and ancient ruins that are otherwise inaccessible and experience the most vivid contrast between utter tranquility and all-out high adventure. In the first part of the trip the current slides us quietly past brilliantly colored cliffs and towering table-top mesas. Here the river conditions both body and soul, giving you time to prepare yourself for the behemoth rapids awaiting below the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. (This year’s record-breaking run-off should be settled quite nicely by mid July making for perfect conditions at the confluence.)

Nowhere on its entire course does the Colorado River descend more precipitously than through Cataract Canyon. On river night three, the Colorado River will not rest. The roar of the cataracts will lull you to sleep, dance in your dreams, then wake you the next morning with a new bearing. Time to batten down the hatches and hold on. Twenty-three BIG ONES, among them Mile Long, Ben Hurt and the grand-daddy of them all, The Big Drops, a succession of three big-hitters that will take you laughing and cheering, 30 feet closer to sea level in less than a mile.

Holiday Expeditions guest comment about Cataract Canyon Rafting:

“Guides were great: relaxed, humorous, thoughtful. When it came to the rapids of Cataract Canyon, they were totally on their game: in charge, decisive. Hike to the waterfall: fabulous. Hike to the Doll House was difficult but worth the effort. As usual, I am always impressed by the food. You set yourself apart from other rafting companies by emphasizing your eco-friendly policies and approach, e.g. using oar boats vs using jet boats, sponsorship of the Green River initiative, etc.” – From John Sheff June 2, 2008 Colorado River trip through Cataract Canyon

To sign up for this amazing, Broad adventure, contact Holiday Expeditions – 800-624-6323

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