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An urgent call to action!

27 Monuments Under Threat
Deadline to comment: July 10

Department of the Interior Secretary Zinke is fast-tracking what he’s calling the “first-ever formal public comment period for Antiquities Act Monuments”. Well, if you love our national monuments, then now is the time to speak out!

Here’s How to Take Action

  • Visit the official docket online at You can also see the full list of monuments under review and a mailing address at this site.
  • Click on the “Comment Now” button. There is a 5,000 word limit, so if you have extensive comments, write them in a word processor and upload your comments.
  • Include your personal experiences and connection to monuments near you and those you have visited. The more detailed and personal you can be about specific landscapes and the value they hold, the more substantive your comments will be!
  • You can comment multiple times, so if you have already commented on Bears Ears you can still comment on other monuments individually.

Touch on these important key points:

  • All National Monuments under review had extensive public input before designation.
  • Monuments HELP local economies (Source: Headwaters Economics)
  • 80% of Western voters want to keep our National Monuments as they are. (Source: Colorado College)

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