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Lauren Berutich, Associate Director

Lauren has nearly 20 years of experience teaching environmental education, grassroots organizing, conservation and stewardship coordination, advocacy, and public work for sustainable community development. She served as Broads’ Grassroots Leadership Director for nearly four years, overseeing the training, guidance, and support of volunteer chapter leaders across the country.

Prior to that, she managed Northern Arizona University’s (NAU) Campus and Community Based Action Research Teams, to support democratic, civic action for justice and sustainability through education, outreach, and advocacy campaigns. She has served as Volunteer Coordinator with the Grand Canyon Trust engaging stewards of all ages in conservation and preservation activities across the Colorado Plateau. Lauren also served on the Friends of Camp Colton EE Board for six years, serving as president for two years. She has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Geography and a Masters in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University. When she can’t be found at a Broadwalk, talk, or local event, she is in the mountains, on a river, at the beach, in the desert, enjoying local tunes, or romping somewhere wild with her pup, Lili.