The following is the entirety of the comments made by Broads’ Board Chair, Di Allison at the hearing:

I am Di Allison, board chair for a national organization, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, and we have a gift for Congressman Bishop, my representative, hearing aids and they’re green! We want to ensure he can hear our voices tonight.

I live in Ogden, am a Utahn, a Western woman, an American. I am the public in public lands!

I have 3 points: 1) This PLI proposal would butcher the definition of Wilderness as set into law after years and years of collaboration and painful compromises; 2) It would introduce new uses in wilderness that are outrageously inconsistent-with and destructive-to the intent of wilderness, study ares and their management; 3) It would create “energy zones” on over two and a half million acres that disregard multiple use management at a time we need to be finding ways to “Keep It in the Ground”, having our public lands be part of the solution to climate change, not continuing to contribute to the problem.

HearingAids for Utah Reps

Hearing Aids lovingly wrapped up to present to Utah Representatives.

At 72, I am a great very Old Broad advocating for preserving and protecting wilderness and wild places for our future generations, including these two; Amelia 10, Edward 7, (holding up photos) who have been blessed with the opportunities to hike and camp and climb and bike with family and friends on these public lands in Eastern Utah. It’s their American Heritage and that of their children and their children’s children.

The myopic perspective of this proposal will not serve them well.

We deserve better than this, we must do better than this, we demand better than this. And it can happen by working to get the Bear’s Ears designated as a national monument.

Thank you for hearing my voice.”

Di later said: [When I spoke] “It turned out to be quite effective with lots of applause. The stage had 4 empty chairs with placards and names of our two senators and two representatives who had been invited. So after I opened the box with the hearing aid and held it up, I put the box and hearing aid on Bishop’s empty chair.”

Hearing aids were packaged up to be delivered to the offices of the Utah delegation by Broadband Co-Leader Kelly Phanco while in Washington, DC for Wilderness Week.