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Pam Conley


Today’s Date:

December 27, 2015

Broad Issue

Climate Change

“Other” description

Activity Type

Advocacy (protest, rally, letter writing, public hearing, speaking)

“Other” description

Activity Name

Boise Holiday Parade Solar Choir

Short Description of Activity

Boise Broads, Bros, and children walked in Boise Holiday Parade singing a song promoting solar energy, carried yellow balloons.

Activity Dates

November 21, 2015

Total Activity Planning Hours


Description of Planning Activities

Applying to get into parade. Emails to recruit volunteers. Walked around during Climate Action Day recruiting volunteers. In a

Activity or Event Hours


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Were Personal or Broadband Soft Credit Funds Used?

Are you seeking reimbursement from Broads?


So, tell us-how did it go?

It was a lot of fun. Had lots of kids and adults. Roger was the leader and Lisa Hecht was our soloist. (She also sings with the Boise Opera).

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