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Pam Conley


Today’s Date:

December 27, 2015

Broad Issue

Off-Highway Vehicle Travel/Roads

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Stewardship (boots on the ground, monitoring, work w/ land management agencies, etc.)

“Other” description

Activity Name

Boise Off-Road Vehicle Damage documentation near Idaho City

Short Description of Activity

We met at Bro’s cabin near Idaho City and walked and took pictures of motorcycle damage to a trail along Willow Creek, an area closed to off-road vehicles. We then went to Idaho City Forest Service Ranger Station to report the damage. Also reported the damage on state lands to Idaho Department of Lands on Nov. 9, 2015.

Activity Dates

October 30, 2015 and November 9, 2015

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Description of Planning Activities

Coordinate meeting with FS and Idaho Dept. of Lands. Send out email recruiting broads and bros to attend the event.

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So, tell us-how did it go?

October 30 six Broadband members plus Ron’s wife Cay, hiked along Willow Creek in the Boise National Forest, observing tracks of motorcycles in the area, which are not permitted. The group took some pictures. We then ate lunch at Ron and Cay’s log cabin. The group then went to the Idaho City Ranger District office to report on the damage. The trail and recreation staffer was not available so Ron will write up a report and we will send it to her later. On Mon., Nov. 9, Ron, and Alex T. met with Ruth Luke, a supervisor in the Idaho Department of Lands about this activity as it relates to state lands. Luke said the state has no enforcement authority, except through a local sheriff. There are designated motorized trails on state land in the area east of Highway 21. Ron will continue to try to contact the appropriate Forest Service person to discuss these concerns. Many thanks to Ron and Cay for hosting us at their cabin afterwards.

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Photo of Activity

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Photo Captions

Boise Broads inspect off-vehicle damage near Idaho City on Willow Creek. Photo by Pam Conley

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