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Pam Conley


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December 27, 2015

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Wilderness Preservation and Protection

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Education and Outreach (tabling, events, Broadchats, workshops, potlucks)

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Boise Potluck Meeting November 2015

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Regular potluck meeting with speaker from Sawtooth Society. Conducted other business as well.

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November 18, 2015

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Boise Broadband Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2015

Several people came who had to leave after practicing for the Solar Choir, organized for the Boise Broads by Diane Jones. The choir will be part of the holiday parade in downtown Boise on November 21. Lisa Hecht will sing the verses and others will join in on the chorus. Other groups will be part of the choir, for as many as 40, according to Diane. Lisa, Diane and Mary McGown left shortly after practice.

Others attending included Ron Marquart, Pam Conley, Alex Takasugi, Carol Wiens, Ann McClanahan, Madonna Lengerich, Trish Woodruff, Anne Olden, and a guest of Ann’s, Bev Nichols. Many thanks to Lois Morgan, for hosting, and to Pam for facilitating.

Kelly Conde, Volunteer and Membership Coordinator of the Sawtooth Society, spoke to the group about potential volunteer opportunities in the newly established Wilderness areas of the Boulder White Clouds. The Society was organized in 1997 by Bethine Church, among others, to work with the Forest Service to protect and enhance the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The Austin Kraal Memorial Volunteer Program of the Society welcomes volunteers to work on projects both in the SNRA and the new Wilderness areas. Potential projects include trail work, restoration of much-used camping areas, and using GPS to identify fencing for possible removal. Tools and training in their use are provided. Next spring Kelly will let us know what projects are planned to see what our group might be interested in tackling.

Pam reported on Climate Action Day in Boise held Oct. 23-24. About 300 attended the rally at the Capitol, including six Bros and Broads, on the 24th. Boise Broadband is part of a coalition called Idaho Climate Action Community (ICAC), which will continue to work on climate action projects. ICAC will put out a bimonthly E-magazine to let people know about activities of the group. Interfaith Power and Light includes members of various congregations working on climate change.

Several upcoming events include: Northwest Power and Conservation Council Public Hearing and Comments, Nov. 19; Boise Ridge to Rivers 10 Year Master Plan public workshops on Nov. 17 and 19; hearings for a proposed mining ban on 10 million areas of sage grouse habitat, Tuesday, December 15 from 4-6 p.m. at the Best Western Vista Inn & Conference Center, 2645 Airport Way.

Pam passed out materials on a movement called Keep It In the Ground, working to discourage further oil and gas development, especially on federal lands. The group is protesting lease sales in various places.

Pam passed out information sheets from Earthworks on a Senate effort to reform the 1872 mining law. Our Senators and Congress members need to know there is support for reform of this antiquated law.

Ron said on October 30 six Broadband members hiked along Willow Creek in the Boise National Forest, observing tracks of motorcycles in the area, which are not permitted. He reported that he and Alex T. met with Ruth Luke, a supervisor in the Idaho Department of Lands about this activity as it relates to state lands. Luke said the state has no enforcement authority, except through a local sheriff. There are designated motorized trails on state land in the area east of Highway 21. Ron will continue to try to contact the appropriate Forest Service person to discuss these concerns. Many thanks to Ron and Cay for hosting us at their cabin afterwards.

Pam said a new lawsuit against CuMo mining will be filed related to insufficient groundwater studies. The Forest Service website shows activities for which CuMo has asked approval.

Lois showed us an article from Harper’s magazine from February 2015, “Ruin of the West,” detailing destruction on public lands.

Pam will send out a Doodle Poll to figure out when the next meeting will be held, sometime in January.

Anne Olden

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