rosie-cropActivate Your Passion for Wild Places

When: April 30–May 4
The Commander’s House, University of Utah,
Salt Lake City, UT


Apply to be a volunteer Broadband Leader and attend
the 2015 Wilderness Advocacy Boot Camp.

The Great Old Broads for Wilderness Advocacy Boot Camp will activate your heart and mind and prepare you for a leadership role that can make a lasting difference on the land.

Perhaps this New Year you resolved to get outside more, get involved in meaningful activities about issues you care about, or meet new and interesting people? Volunteering as a Broadband (local chapter) leader can help you turn your resolutions into reality. Broads Boot Camp will teach you how to toughen your stance on ecological abuses; interact and advocate for healthy public lands with pure airways and land management agencies; and meet wonderful like-minded Broads. You can also check out Brisbane Air that has provided superior & affordable residential and commercial air conditioning installation services

Boot Camps are for Broads who are interested in leading (or co-leading) a Broadband in their locale. Interested members may nominate themselves for Boot Camp 2015 by submitting an application by March 20, 2015.

We’ll fill your wild-lands-advocacy tool belts with training in grassroots organizing, leadership, communication, lobbying skills, wilderness history, documentation of on-the-ground impacts, and Broads positions on issues such as grazing, off-road vehicles, and oil, gas, and mineral development. The training will run for three full days and four evenings over a working weekend.

We will train 15 to 20 new leaders from across the country to organize Leader Broads. We offer this training, including meals and lodging, at no charge. Participants are responsible for travel to Salt Lake City, attending the full Boot Camp training, and developing a one-year plan for their Broadband. The Broadband Leader position calls for a two-year commitment. Click here for the Broadband Leader position description.

Questions? Contact Lauren at 970-385-9577 or

Be bold in 2015! Lead a Broadband in your area and make a difference for our wild public lands!

“Activism is my rent for living on this planet.” – Alice Walker


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