Great Old Broads for Wilderness Announces Art Quilt Raffle

Durango, Colorado—Great Old Broads for Wilderness (Broads) announces raffle tickets are on sale for their 2019 Art Quilt Fundraiser. This year’s quilt, entitled “Get into the Wild,” celebrates the conservation organization’s 30th anniversary by commemorating various landscapes they have worked to protect: mountains, waters, forests, and canyon country. Proceeds will support Broads’ work to protect America’s wild public lands and waters.

The quilt has four panels, each designed and created by a different artist and member of the organization. A fifth artist inventively combined the panels into the final 35” X 54” final, ready-to-hang piece. The raffle is open to the public and tickets may be purchased online at The drawing will be held in mid-December, 2019.

About the artists…

Peg Baker – Quilt Assembly

Linda Helding – Water Panel

Linda hails from Montana and has been a Broad since the late 80s, when the organization was first founded. She has worked in dyeing fabrics and yarn since the 1970s and has been a knitter since age 8. Currently, she is exploring sculptural fabric ideas using recyclables. When asked what inspired her panel design, she declared, “Bubbles!” 

Cyndi Holman – Canyon Country Panel

A member of the Northern San Juan Colorado Broadband chapter of Broads, Cyndi’s love of canyon country and knowing of Broads’ work to protect the San Rafael Swell inspired her quilt panel design. “That huge east-facing anticline west of Green River is easily recognizable to anyone familiar with the Swell.”

Betsy Janeczek – Forests Panel

Betsy lives in Eugene, Oregon and enjoys sewing, photography, drawing, and painting. Her panel includes aspens, a hickory thicket, and coastal giants like the Sequoia redwood, as well as small embroidered animals. She says of her design, “It may be a fantasy that all those trees would co-exist in the same area, but my dream is that we humans could value all forests, all landscapes, and all the wild areas enough to fight to save them.”

Susan Kearns – Mountains Panel – Colorado 

Kearns is an artist and sometimes quilter who serves as Broads’ Communications Director. She works on the content and design of Broads’ website, newsletter, emails, and other marketing promotions. She has been drawing and painting nearly all her life and lives in southwest Colorado.


Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a national grassroots organization, led by women, that engages and inspires activism to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. With nearly 40 chapters across 16 states, Broads gives voice to the millions of Americans who want to protect their public lands as wilderness for this and future generations. Learn more at