Broadband Name:

Mile High

Your Name:

Chris Shaver


Today’s Date:

October 20, 2015

Broad Issue

Wilderness Preservation and Protection

“Other” description

Activity Type

Education and Outreach (tabling, events, Broadchats, workshops, potlucks)

“Other” description

Activity Name

MH – Living history talk by ‘Enos Mills’, one of the ‘founders’ of Rocky Mountain NP

Short Description of Activity

Attended a talk sponsored by Wild Connections (one of our partners)

Activity Dates


Total Activity Planning Hours


Description of Planning Activities

Activity or Event Hours


Total Number of Participants


Total Number of Hours


Number of Activity Hours


Were Personal or Broadband Soft Credit Funds Used?

Are you seeking reimbursement from Broads?


So, tell us-how did it go?

Interesting, and always nice to support our partners.

Photo of Activity

Photo of Activity

Photo of Activity

Photo of Activity



Photo Captions

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