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Miles for the Wild Hike-a-thon Sample Sponsor Email

Miles for the Wild Hike-a-thon Sample Fundraising Email

Fundraising Letter Tips

Customize your email to make it personal to you. Use an attention getting subject such as: HELP ME CROSS THE FINISH LINE or GUESS WHAT I’M DOING? or HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR MOTHER EARTH!

1) Set up your ask

If you chose your goal amount for a specific reason, tell people why. Be intentional about the amount you are asking for, and try to relate it back to the cause if possible.

Examples include:
“I’m raising $365, $1 a day for a year, and I hope you’ll help me hit my goal.”

“I’m turning 75 this year so I want to raise $750, a mere $10 for each year I’ve been alive! As a fellow outdoor enthusiast I hope you’ll consider chipping in to help keep our public lands and wilderness areas intact.”

“I want to raise $1,000 for Great Old Broads for Wilderness to continue to preserve and protect wilderness and public lands.”

2) Make your ask clear

Don’t beat around the bush. You are asking for someone to contribute to a cause that is important to you. Phrases like “please consider making a donation…” or “I hope you will consider making a donation…” are common and effective. 

If you know what you’re hoping someone will donate, ask for a specific amount. Even if you soften it a bit by adding, “or whatever amount you are able to give,” providing a clear ask helps people know what is appropriate and what you are hoping for. It can actually help your donors feel more comfortable in their giving: 

“I hope you will consider making a donation of $100 to sponsor my goal to hike 50 miles”. 

Don’t have an amount in mind? It’s good to ask for a few specific amounts: 

“I hope you will consider making a donation of $20, $50, $100—or whatever amount you’re able to give”. 

3) Thank people in advance

Thank people for supporting something important to you. 

“Thank you in advance for supporting me, and for supporting the protection of America’s wilderness and public lands!”

Then make sure to thank them afterwards, too!

Sample Sponsor Email

Dear Friend,

As you know, I’m a Great Old Broad (or Bro) for Wilderness and this June, I plan to hike X miles to help raise money to support our work to protect and defend the wild places I love, like (name your favorite place to hike). It is important to me that we leave behind healthy wild lands that nourish all living creatures—that’s why I’m hiking miles for the wild.

It’s easy—simply sponsor me (or my Broadband) with a donation to Broads HERE You choose the amount (or add your specific ask amount). Every dollar counts and your contribution goes toward training and inspiring advocates like me to fight for public lands and waters. 

When you fill out the donation form, please be sure to enter my name (or Broadband Chapter name) as the person (or chapter) you are sponsoring. That information is tracked and could result in a prize to recognize my boots-on-the-ground achievement.

Feel free to share this email with others who have a passion for protecting wilderness and wild places. Wild thanks for your support!


(Your name)