The following is a SAMPLE letter to use as a template for your letter to your Congressional delegation to tell them to say “NO” to Sen. Joe Manchin’s dirty pipeline deal. Please remember to customize your letter with your own thoughts and experiences. Then be sure to let us know that you’ve written to Congress to express your feelings on this subject!


Dear (Senator Last Name)(Rep. Last Name),

I am writing on behalf of Great Old Broads for Wilderness to urge you to oppose the dirty permitting deal now being considered by Congress. It is a giant favor to fossil fuel companies and others eager for reckless development, and it would irresponsibly speed up projects by undermining the National Environmental Policy Act—one of our country’s bedrock safeguards that ensures communities have a voice in federal projects, and the ability to oppose actions that would hurt our health and well-being.

Coming on the heels of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, and amid the ongoing calamitous effects of climate change, this deal is especially galling. Its impact would be greatest on Indigenous tribes, communities of color and lower-income people who have always been hit hardest by environmental threats due to a legacy of unjust and discriminatory policies.

The deal would also rush the Mountain Valley Pipeline to completion. The developers of that project have already had to pay millions in penalties for water quality violations, and the finished pipeline is set to cross bodies of water at more than 1,000 different spots along the Appalachians, all but guaranteeing leaks and accidents. It would be a climate disaster, too, leading to the greenhouse-gas emissions equivalent of what would come from 19 million cars and trucks.

These tradeoffs are unacceptable. Please stand with communities in Appalachia—and all of us impacted nationwide—and oppose this dirty deal.  

Thank you for your time.

(Your Name)