The WRONG Way to Treat Indian Creek Near Canyonlands’ Needles District

Sound off
to Keep Utah Quiet!

Your comments needed by
Thursday, December 18th.

Writing a letter expressing your personal views or experiences is the most effective way to provide input on this proposal.

Please write and urge BLM to choose the “No Action” alternative to keep the land wild.

Please use the following address:

Don Hoffheins
Field Office Manager
Bureau of Land Management
Monticello Field Office
365 North Main St.
Monticello, Utah 84535

If you don’t have time to do this but still want to comment, you can also send a quick letter online through SUWA.

This Right-of-Way
is Wrong!

A right-of-way (ROW) gives legal authority for transportation needs. It is largely used to open a route that is essential to getting from one place to another–NOT for purely recreational purposes.

If BLM issues this ROW, it opens a route that is not essential and circumvents the public lands planning process.

Indian Creek, in southeastern Utah, known for its dramatic cliffs and quiet beauty, is once again threatened with a right-of-way (ROW) to construct a new and unnecessary ATV trail.

Broads have been ongoing advocates for limiting the effects of motorized use on our wild lands in southern Utah. We’ve walked proposed routes in Indian Creek to gather data, monitor conditions, and submit comments opposing new routes.

Here We Go Again

A new iteration of an Indian Creek ATV ROW route is open for input. We’re sending our comments to BLM and hope you will also raise your voice to prevent any new ATV route from being punched through this area.

Please tell the BLM (again):

  • Increasing ATV use on yet another route that crosses lands identified by the BLM as having wilderness character is wrong and the agency should uphold its responsibility to all public land users by choosing the “No Action” alternative.
  • This landscape does not need another motorized route cut across it. BLM has already designated more than 3,000 miles of motorized routes in San Juan County including dozens of routes in and near the Indian Creek Area.
  • This proposed route will encourage increased ATV use in areas bordering the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park and will impact the natural quiet.

A Bad Record

San Juan County Commissioners have not shown themselves to be trustworthy when it comes to following existing laws and regulations regarding ATV use in sensitive areas. (Remember the Recapture Canyon protest ride in May–this is another route where San Juan County is requesting an ATV ROW.)

Sadly, many ATV users continue to disregard route designations and closures, causing damage to sensitive desert, riparian, and cultural resources. Adding another route is a bad idea.

What’s one more?

Motorized routes and roads:

  • Fragment wildlife habitat and movement corridors
  • Cause erosion, damage watersheds, and create dust
  • Destroy cultural sites and plants
  • Increase impacts to wild areas

Thank you for your Broad Support!


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