MexicanGrayWolf-Mark Dumont-SMNew Mexico – Broads in Action

Rio Grande Valley Broadband

Broads from the Rio Grande Valley Broadband in New Mexico participated in the 3rd National Walk for Wolves event and contributed in bringing awareness to these amazing creatures. With a wolf on leash, these brave Broads made their way around this event giving information on wolf protection. They signed petitions and posters all while demonstrating their concerns for wolf and other animal protection.

These Broads strive to remain educated on an array of topics in their area! They co-lead a hike alongside Colston Chandler and Bill Pentler (Open Space Education Coordinator) to explore a current silvery minnow project on the east side of the Shining River. The purpose of this hike was to obtain a better understanding of its ecosystems and study how they might be effected in the next few years.

For more information or to get involved, contact the Rio Grande Valley Broadband.