Women’s Rights and Nature’s Rights Go Hand in Hand

Suggestions for rally signs

If you are representing Broads, please avoid any partisan signs. This is a time to unite, not divide.

Respect existence
or expect resistance.

Keep calm and
respect your mother

All mothers deserve respect

Our Home is Not for Sale

Wild Women for Public Lands

Respect Your Mother
and All Her Creatures

We Nurture Nature

We Care for Our Home,
Do You?

Good Leaders
Care for the Earth

All Species
Deserve Respect

Equality for
Mother Earth

We’re WILD
about Public Lands

Uppity Women
for Public Lands

Keep Public Lands
in Public Hands

Women In Loving Defense
of Earth
(or of America’s Public Lands)

None of this matters
if we destroy our home

Sky above me
Earth below me
Fire within Me
–to protect Mother Earth

Public Lands:
A Legacy for Our Children

Many of our Broadbands are participating in Sister Marches in their state.

Just a few of the marches Broads are attending are listed below. Contact your local Broadband to find out what they have planned and check the Sister Marches page for more marches closer to you!

Broads are going to the Washington D.C. March!

Are you going too? Connect with us at the office to coordinate with other broads!
Contact Lionel at lionel@greatoldbroads.org.

California/Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

California – The Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and Reno Marches will be held across middle California. Contact Maureen Forney, the Bay Area Broadband Leader, at mforney2870@outlook.com.

Idaho – Teton Valley March

Idaho – Boise March – 10:00 AM, Idaho State Capitol Building, 700 W Jefferson St. Ending Location: Boise City Hall, 150 N Capitol Blvd

Oregon – Portland March will be at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. 
Contact Shirley Stageberg, of the Portland Broadband Leaders at shirleystageberg@comcast.net.
A big group from the Willamette Broadband is taking a bus to Portland from the Benton County Fairgrounds. For more info contact willamettebroads@gmail.com.

Washington – Seattle March will be held at Judkin’s Park at 10AM.
Contact Annie Cubberly the Polly Dyer Cascadia Broadband Leader at anniecubberly@gmail.com

Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico

Arizona – The Phoenix, AZ March will be held at the Arizona State Capitol from 10AM to 2PM
Contact Kathy Ann Walsh, Phoenix Broadband Leader at kathyannwalsh5658@msn.com.

Arizona – The Tucson, AZ March will begin at Armory Park at 10AM
Contact Fran Krackow, Tucson Broadband Leader at  tucsonbroadsforwilderness@gmail.com OR Roz Switzer, Middle Gila Broadband Leader at switzerroz@gmail.com.

Arizona – The Prescott, AZ March will start at 12PM at Courthouse Square.
Contact Jenny Cobb/Yavapai Broadband Leader cobbsrun@msn.com

Colorado – Denver March at Denver’s Civic Center Park, 9AM
Contact Acacia and Karin, the Boulder Broadband leaders at montsegure@gmail.com

Colorado – Steamboat Springs. Meet at 9:45 at Bud Werner Library. Look for the Great Old Broads banner.

Montana – The Helena March located on 8th between Roberts and Sanders at 11:30AM
Contact Nancy Ostlie, Bozeman Broadband Leader at nancyostlie@gmail.com.

New Mexico – Silver City March will be at La Capilla Heritage Park at Noon
Contact Stephanie Smith, Silver City Broadband Leader at gilasister@yahoo.com
New Mexico – Santa Fe and Albuquerque
Contact Rio Grande Valley Broadband Leader Linda Starr at lstarr509@gmail.com

The Broad View

Great Old Broads for Wilderness supports our members’ participation in the Women’s March on Washington and Sister Marches across the nation on January 21, 2017. If you choose to participate as a Broad, here are suggestions on how to frame your message.

As one of the few women-led conservation organizations, we will march for rights of all women and the protection of Mother Nature–upon whom all of humanity depends. Our work ties naturally to the rally’s intent for women to speak out to protect our rights, safety, health, and families. To Broads, this clearly includes ensuring the health of wild lands that belong to the American public, the well-being of our planet, and the protection of families of all species.

There will be a diverse platform of messages at the rallies. Broads is aligned with march organizers, who see the event as a bi-partisan forum to inspire action through positive messaging and the power of grassroots activism. Our role is to demonstrate we are strong, assertive women working to effect positive change for the world.

Let’s stand up for our rights to protect and preserve our Earth with respect and celebration. Have fun with the march, and represent Broads’ views with solidarity. As we’ve said for years, “It’s time to Mother Nature”!