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These posters are 18” wide x 24” tall. You can download these files (click on the image) and take/send the files to Staples or Office Depot to get them printed.

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How to prepare the posters for a rally:

  • Print posters on a heavy weight paper and have the poster laminated (to make it waterproof). If that is stiff enough for your purposes, just duct tape a wooden stick (from Lowe’s or Home Depot) to the back.
  • Print two posters and put the stick between them. Attach posters to the stick with glue, and tape the edges with clear packing tape to keep them from separating.
  • Some places offer the option to mount the poster to a stiff mounting board that can also be laminated to make it waterproof. In that case, you don’t need to use a heavy weight paper since the board would provide the stiffness you need. This is best for a one-sided sign so it is not too bulky.
  • Another option is to eliminate the stick and just carry the sign (in this case, mount it on the stiff board)—but then it’s not as easy to hold it up high in a crowd.