Projects & Campaigns

A sampling from across the U.S.

Eight lower Snake and Columbia river dams and reservoirs in the Pacific Northwest have hampered, harmed, killed, and rendered threatened and endangered four anadromous fish species.

Grazing domestic sheep on public land in historic bighorn sheep habitat endangers wild sheep. Domestic sheep carry pathogens that cause pneumonia, killing wild sheep and reducing lamb births for decades.

Wall That Severs the Wild

The 2,000-mile U.S./Mexico border passes through biologically rich and culturally diverse areas, including national parks and monuments, wildlife refuges, and sacred indigenous lands now scarred or destroyed by border wall construction.

“Wild Hope”

Using  personal story, science, and passion in a unique mix, Wild Hope inspires viewers to protect wild ecosystems against an unrelenting materialistic culture that’s producing social malaise and an uninhabitable planet.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness helped support the making of Wild Hope. The Executive Producer of the film, Suez Jacobson, is a valued member of our Board of Directors.