Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Rynda Clark, Co-Chair

Rynda Clark is passionate about wilderness, women, healing, and education. She directed the Department of Continuing Medical Education (CME) at UC San Diego for 17 years and was responsible for the needs assessment, planning, execution, and evaluation of national and international medical education programs.

After relocating to Central Oregon in…

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Micky Ryan, Co-Chair

Micky spent her law career representing low income tenants with housing problems and her spare time in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. She came to Oregon from Ohio for law school and after experiencing the mountains, forests, and coast of Oregon, she…

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Cristina Harmon, Treasurer

Cristina grew up in Northern California hiking, camping, backpacking and skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bay Area, Yosemite and Arizona. She moved to Colorado in 1988 and added kayaking and river rafting to her regular outdoor adventures. More recently, Cristina spends spring…

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Antonia Daly, Secretary

Antonia, a native New Yorker, has been fascinated with wilderness and western land issues for several decades. She began hiking and camping in wilderness and public lands with her young children in 1972, recognizing the spiritual value imparted by spending time in wild…

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Suez Jacobson, Vice Chair

Suez came to Broads through her son, Tim Peterson, who worked on the Broads’ Healthy Lands project. Trained as an economist at the University of Utah, Suez has worked both in the corporate world as a financial economist doing research and as an…

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Julie Weikel

Julie spent nearly her entire life in the Great Basin. Born in Winnemucca, Nevada, she worked for decades in Eastern Oregon as large-animal veterinarian and consultant, helping ranchers to ensure the health of their herds and to make sure family ranches remain profitable. When not on the job, she…

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Mary O’Brien

​Mary O’Brien is a botanist who has worked for toxics reform, environmental law, and public lands conservation organizations for 36 years. Since 2003, Mary has been Utah Forests Program Director for Grand Canyon Trust, a Colorado Plateau regional conservation organization. The Trust has worked closely with the Broads since…

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Gary Skiba

Gary is a wildlife biologist with a 25-year career working on threatened and endangered species with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Immediately after retiring from CDOW, he worked for Great Old Broads as the Director of the Healthy Lands Project. In 1980 and 1981, he worked for the U.S….

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Anne Heikkila

Anne Heikkila grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and developed her passion for the outdoors by skiing, hiking, and camping throughout California. She received her degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology and relocated to Georgia for a professional opportunity in the cochlear implant industry. She and her…

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Pip Coe

After spending more than thirty years living in the Intermountain West, Pip recently moved back to western North Carolina where she first started working in the outdoor industry. Since then, Pip‘s career in the outdoor industry has taken her all over the world as an outdoor education…

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Our Council of Advisors

  • Steve Allen
  • Joe Breddan
  • Rose Chilcoat
  • Craig Childs
  • Dave Foreman
  • Maggie Fox
  • Ginger Harmon
  • Vicky Hoover
  • Libby Ingalls
  • Frandee Johnson
  • Matt Kenna
  • Linda Liscom
  • Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk
  • Bill Meadows
  • Caroline Kirksey Munger
  • Marcey Olajos
  • Tim Peterson
  • Carl Rountree
  • Lois Snedden
  • Blake Spalding
  • Liz Thomas




Calling All Passionate Broads to Serve on Our Board of Directors

We are currently seeking wildly passionate Broads to serve on our Board of Directors.

Directors are responsible for organizational governance, policy development, and assuring that the necessary resources—such as funds, staff, and professional expertise—are available to accomplish Broads’ mission.

We welcome all skills and backgrounds, from all parts of the country. Currently, we are looking for skills in leadership & management, fundraising (including campaign planning and implementation), legal, strategic governance, financial management, environmental sciences, grassroots advocacy/activism, wilderness management, public land agencies, and Broadband leadership.

We are an inclusive organization and encourage board applications of candidates from diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, and age groups.

This is a volunteer position that carries the benefits of Broad camaraderie and the satisfaction of knowing you are at the heart of Broads’ critical wild land protection work.

Here is a more detailed description of Board Member responsibilities.

Please review our Strategic Plan to learn about our goals and objectives.

Please email the following to Rynda Clark at ryndaclark@gmail.com:

  • A brief resume
  • A cover letter addressing these questions:
    • Why do you want to be on Broads’ Board of Directors?
    • What are your particular talents, expertise, and areas where you feel you could contribute to the Broads?
    • Have you had other experience with nonprofit organizations?
    • What are your thoughts on fund raising?
      Fundraising is constantly on our minds and agenda, so we are interested in what role you might play. There are a number of ways to take on a fundraising as a Board Member, and the organization provides guidance and support with Board efforts.
  • What else would you like us to know about you?

The Board reviews all applications and new Directors are selected by a vote of the Board. For further questions about serving as a Board Member, please email Rynda Clark at ryndaclark@gmail.com or call the Broads’ main office at 970-385-9577.