Board Responsibilities


The Board of Directors actively provides guidance on strategic direction and assures that the necessary resources—including funds, staff, and professional expertise—are available to accomplish Broads’ mission.

Consideration will be given to Board applicants who have skills or experience with one or more of the following:  leadership & management, fundraising (including campaign planning and implementation), legal, strategic governance, financial management, environmental sciences, grassroots advocacy/activism, wilderness management, public land agencies, and Broadband leadership. We are particularly looking for people who represent diverse racial, ethnic, or geographic constituencies.

  • Directors serve 3-year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  • The Board meets quarterly by conference call to focus on strategy, advocacy, budget, programs, activities, and fundraising.
  • An annual retreat is held near the end of the fiscal year (December 31) to review past actions, plan future directions, and approve the budget.
  • Each member is expected to take an active role in the organization.
  • Each board member brings unique and valuable talents and networks to the organization.  Board members taking on roles as officers will generally contribute more hours of work than other members.
Board Member Expectations

We ask that Directors:

  • Stay informed about our campaigns
  • Contribute their wisdom, knowledge and experience
  • Be imaginative and think broadly
  • Participate in conference calls and annual meetings
  • Commit to membership building and fund raising
  • Attend Broadwalks and events when possible
  • Speak for Broads to the public
  • Demonstrate Broadness (a state of mind, embracing our values and beliefs)
  • Be ready to jump in and take on whatever needs to be done

We expect each board member to keep a current membership and contribute to Broads, annually—an amount that is meaningful for the individual as well as for organizational budgeting. This can be accomplished in many ways by:

  • Becoming a sustaining member
  • Making a direct contribution
  • Soliciting donations and new memberships
  • Hosting a fund-raising event

Each board member participates on at least one committee. Other committee members include staff members and non-board volunteers from the Advisory Board or membership. Current committees are:

  • Executive
  • Litigation and Advocacy
  • Development
  • Strategic Governance

Interested in Applying?

The Board reviews all applications and new Directors are selected by a vote of the Board. Here’s how to apply.