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Restore the Damage from the Border Wall!


Created by Barbara Waters, artist and participant in the 2019 Borderlands Broadwalk.

The 2,000-mile U.S./Mexico border stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. It passes through biologically rich and culturally diverse areas, including national parks and monuments, wildlife refuges, and sacred indigenous lands on both side of the border, now scarred or destroyed by border wall construction.

Broads has joined with a coalition of organizations calling on the White House to immediately cancel all border wall contracts and use remaining funds to restore fragile ecosystems, mitigate damage, and take down the border wall.

The coalition has listed priority wall segments for removal, focused immediately on those that stop wildlife movement and hamper water flows, as well as lighting infrastructure that impacts wildlife behavior, dark skies, and border communities. Some key areas include:

  • California’s Jacumba Wilderness and its endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument’s rare and culturally-significant Quitobaquito Springs area
  • Rugged passes in Arizona’s Sky Islands that serve as the best remaining corridors for jaguars and other wildlife between the U.S and Mexico
  • Areas rich for birds and federally endangered ocelots and jaguarundi in Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley

We support rescinding the waivers of 84 federal laws and statutes that would have protected the environment, indigenous rights, and more, to restore equal protection to the borderlands.

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