Broads’ Council of Advisors

For years, our organization has relied on a select group of individuals with a unique set of skills, experience, and resources—the Great Old Broads’ Advisory Board. Whenever the need arose, this group provided the expertise, financial support, and encouragement necessary to meet the challenges facing us in our efforts to protect public lands and the values we hold dear.

In the face of more severe attacks on public lands and increasingly complex political, social, and ecological issues, Broads has responded by growing in impact, geography, staffing, and budget. Today, our work requires greater strategy and scrutiny, and additional skill sets.

To that end, the Board has reconstituted the Advisory Board into a Council of Advisors, and asked former Board member, Carl Rountree, to chair the new Council. Carl has worked with the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and former members of the Advisory Board to devise the path forward. Today, our goal has been realized.

Many of our past Advisory Board members continue to serve to provide their help as necessary. Where additional skills and connections were needed, we added new members to help in development and fundraising, communications, and outreach to more diverse audiences. New members to date include:

  • Bill Meadows, past President of The Wilderness Society.
  • Craig Childs, renowned author of Apocalyptic Planet, House of Rain, and more.
  • Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, former Co-Chair of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition. Click here to learn more about Regina!
  • Blake Spalding, chef/co-owner of Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder, UT and defender of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
  • Rose Chilcoat, our very own former Associate Director and an avid wilderness protector with expertise in grazing impacts on public lands.
  • Caroline Kirksey Munger, a former Broads’ Board Co-Chair who holds an advanced law certification (LLM) and has extensive education and experience in the area of public lands and its respective legal issues. 

Aside from providing advice on specific issues to the Broads’ national office and Broadbands, the Council will also serve as a “kitchen cabinet,” advising the Board of Directors on matters of national importance to the Broads. 

The Council of Advisors will be a tremendous resource as we continue our efforts to protect public lands and their management. Our Advisors are up for the challenge, providing the knowledge and expertise we’ll need for the trail ahead.

Council of Advisors

Carl Rountree
Bill Meadows
Craig Childs (Photo: Sarah Gilman)
Indigenous woman, Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, wearing traditional clothing
Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk (Photo: Tim Peterson)
Blake Spalding
Rose Chilcoat
Steve Allen
Libby Ingalls
Joe Breddan
Dave Foreman
Ginger Harmon
Linda Liscom
Lois Sneddon
Vicky Hoover
Caroline Kirksey Munger
Frandee Johnson
Tim Peterson (Photo: Anna Peterson)

Not Pictured:

  • Maggie Fox
  • Matt Kenna
  • Marcey Olajos
  • Liz Thomas