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Meet Our Council of Advisors

Broads’ Council of Advisors are individuals who generously provide their expertise, financial support, and encouragement necessary to meet the challenges facing us in our efforts to protect public lands and the values we hold dear. Aside from providing advice on specific issues to the Broads’ national office and Broadbands, the Council also serves as a “kitchen cabinet,” advising the Board of Directors on matters of national importance to the Broads.

Vickie Hoover

Bill Meadows

Ginger Harmon

Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk

Lois Sneddon

Blake Spalding

Rose Chilcoat

Carl Rountree

Steve Allen

Libby Ingalls

Joe Breddan

Caroline Kirksey Munger

Matt Kenna

Craig Childs

Linda Liscom

Frandee Johnson

Tim Peterson

Not Pictured:

  • Karine Aigner
  • Maggie Fox
  • Marcey Olajos
  • Liz Thomas