Broads always have something going on

Great Old Broads’ national office organizes Broadwalk and Broadwork events each year during spring through fall. The events are a great opportunity for you to get into the wild to explore and learn more about public lands and waters, the threats faced, and how to effectively advocate for protections.

Local Broadband chapters also present ‘Walk and ‘Work events—often year-round. Contact the chapter near you to find out about ongoing activities such as monthly meetings, hikes, stewardship projects, advocacy activities, and more. Become a member today to participate in these interesting, educational, and fun events.



What’s a Broadwalk?

Broadwalks are multi-day place-based educational events where you get to know an area through hikes, stewardship projects, and local experts. There’s plenty of on-the-ground exploration and discussion with people who know the landscape, its history, flora and fauna, and land health. Broadwalks give you an in-depth experience where you’ll come away with a better understanding of why these landscapes warrant protection.

How Things Work

Broadwalks always include a wide array of knowledgeable speakers. We explore the region hiking with area experts or visiting area highlights. One day is dedicated to stewardship projects where we help restore wild lands through activities such as removing obsolete fencing, “erasing” illegal roads, and replanting native plant species. One afternoon or evening, we’ll gather to discuss steps to take as advocates for the region.

Usually, breakfast and dinner are group events, catered or prepared by a camp cook and you are responsible for your own trail lunches.

The camaraderie you’ll experience is an essential part of our Broadwalks—there’s nothing like spending time hiking and learning with a group of Great Old Broads and Bros!


Work Hard & Play Harder!

Broadwork events are stewardship-focused trips coordinated with partner organizations and agency land managers. Activities range from field observations and monitoring of land health to all-out river restorations and invasive plant removal. No experience is necessary. Broads and Bros are trained and schooled in the “whats” and “whys” behind the Broadwork activity. Conversations and learning continue throughout the week.

Getting Down & Dirty

We often camp out in rustic, remote, and beautiful locations. You can’t help but have fun hanging out with others who want to get out and mother Nature. There are usually four full workdays and a day of “play” thrown in the mix, where you can get out and explore. These events are limited to smaller groups.

Just as with Broadwalks, breakfast and dinner are group events, catered or prepared by a camp cook. Participants provide their own trail lunches. Delicious food, drink, and camaraderie abound!


Keepin’ It Local

Broadband chapters across the country host their own style of Broadwalks and Broadworks focused around regional or state issues. Each event has a flavor of its own, but includes many of the same elements as national events.

You’ll learn from local experts, agency representatives, and others about the landscape. You’ll get out and hike to get to know the area, and lend a little love to the land with stewardship projects.

From exploring New Mexico’s Zuni Mountains, to a behind-the-scenes tour of Arizona’s Biosphere, to learning about the impacts of grazing in Eastern Oregon, Broadbands are putting together some great experiences—and you can be a part of it!

To join a regional Broadwalk or Broadwork, contact your local Broadband chapter for more information or check out our Broadband Events calendar to see what’s on the schedule.

Past Broadwalks

We’ve been all over the place! Click on the button below to find out about past Broadwalks.


  • No events due to Covid-19








  • Leopold White Mountains, AZ
  • Wild Olympics, WA


  • Weitas Wilderness, ID
  • Protect Greater Canyonlands, UT


  • San Juan Mountains, CO
  • Big Cypress Swampwalk, FL


  • North San Diego County, CA
  • Tennessee Wilderness, TN


  • Hidden Gems, CO
  • Escalante, UT


  • Gold Butte, NV
  • Spring Basin, OR


  • Dona Ana County, NM
  • Scotchman Peaks, ID


  • Tumacacori, AZ
  • Manti La Sal, UT
    (A Broadwalk that really was our first Healthy Lands Project monitoring event)


  • North Shore Road – Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC
  • Valle Vidal, NM
  • Wild Sky, WA


  • Dominguez Canyon – Gunnison River Broadfloat, CO
  • 15th Anniversary Celebration – Snow Canyon, UT
  • Yaak, MT


  • Roan Plateau, CO
  • Vermont Wilderness, VT
  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Broadfloat – Hula Hula River, AK


  • Ventana Wilderness, CA
  • Black Ridge Wilderness- Ruby Horsethief Broadfloat, CO
  • Shawnee National Forest, IL


  • Restoration Safari – Moab, UT
  • Otero Mesa, NM


  • Nightingale Mountain Broadwalk – Reno, NV
  • Annual Wilderness Conference – Reno, NV


  • Chix in the Stix Women and Wilderness Gathering – Tucson, AZ


  • Eighth Annual Wilderness Conference – ???UT


  • Wilderness Conference & Broadwalk – Escalante, UT


  • Third Annual Broadwalk, Boulder Whiteclouds, Idaho
  • Sixth Annual Wilderness Conference – Ketchum, ID


  • Broadwalk Across Utah Wilderness –
  • Fifth Annual Wilderness Conference – St George, UT


  • Grandmother Mountain, ID
  • Annual Wilderness Conference, Moab, UT


  • Third Annual Wilderness Conference, Brian Head, UT


  • Wilderness Conference, Del Norte, CO


  • Wilderness Conference, Eldora, CO

 Event Refund/Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and requests for refunds must be made to Broads’ main office by phone (970-385-9577) or email to

Cancellation fees apply as follows:

  • 60 days or more prior to the event start date: $50 cancellation fee.
  • 15–59 days prior to the event start date: 50% of the event fee.
  • 0–14 days prior to event start date – entire event fee is forfeited.
  • The date the notice is received by the Broads main office will determine cancellation fee, so please call or email, as a mailed letter may delay this determination.

Emergency illness or death of an immediate family member:
Refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend the event due to family death, illness or other extraordinary circumstance; however a cancellation fee of $50 will be retained to cover administrative costs. If such a situation occurs, please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email. Broads can work with you on a case-by-case basis, given proper notice.

We LOVE animals, however, NO PETS PLEASE!