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What is a Broadband?

Broadbands are chapters across the country working to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands on a local level.

Have Fun Doing Serious Work

Led by volunteer leaders and co-leader teams—Broadbands are made up of passionate and dedicated Broads and Bros of diverse backgrounds and ages, with a fire for change and a love for the land.

Broadbands are focused on education, advocacy, outreach, and collaborative stewardship projects—and humor and joy play a fundamental role in our work. Broadband members share stories, experiences, and passions; creating deep connections to each other and the earth that lead to stronger Broadbands and stronger advocacy.

These activities include:

  • Educational events, lectures, films, or book clubs.
  • Stewardship projects to monitor and collect data, build/maintain trails, remove invasive plants, etc.
  • Attending public meetings, writing letters, organizing or participating in protests or rallies.
  • Working with land management agencies and political leaders.
  • Representing Broads at local events, making presentations, and attending gatherings.
  • Hikes, happy hours, and road trips.
  • Hosting local Broadwalk or Broadwork events.