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Broadband FAQs

What do the local Broadband chapters do?

Broadbands identify issues they feel passionate about and dedicate their time and energy to educate, engage, and act to effect change. Each Broadband has a unique character and way of doing things, but they all share the deep desire to protect and celebrate our healthy public lands. Broadbands can be found:

  • Tabling at an Earth Day events
  • Marching in a Keep it in the Ground Rally
  • Hosting a book club and discussion
  • Out in the field collecting samples, monitoring, or helping with trail work
  • Planting native vegetation
  • Writing letters to local and state representatives
  • Speaking at a public hearing
  • Meeting over coffee with partners and collaborators
  • Hosting a lecture or film
  • Writing a grant
  • Celebrating successes
  • Leading a fun hike or ski trip, or mountaineering a favorite slot canyon

Broads do all of these incredible activities with humor, dedication, and as women in loving defense of our wild places.

How do I find a Broadband chapter in my area?

Currently, we have nearly 40 regional Broadband chapters in 16 states. Find your local Broadband HERE.

What if my area doesn’t have a local Broads’ chapter? 

Create one! Do you have a passion to protect and preserve wild lands from development, over use, irresponsible grazing, or have a specific movement you are working on and would like to engage more members? We are always looking to expand our reach across the country and you can help us do that. Each year, we mentor, facilitate, and support the growth of new volunteer chapter leaders who are ready to start a chapter in their community. We can help you recruit members, set up meetings, and provide you with the tools and resources needed to be an effective agent for change. Find out more about leadership training HERE.

I’ve just retired and want to get involved in the conservation movement, but don’t have a lot of experience. Can I still join? 

Absolutely! Our Broadband members have diverse interests and backgrounds. Everyone contributes a unique perspective to the group as a whole and all are welcome. We ask that you are able and willing to learn, appreciate the beauty and health of our natural surroundings, and most importantly, like to have fun!

How do I find out about meetings and activities to join? 

We offer a Broad menu of engagement opportunities through both the national office and local chapters of our organization. Find out about upcoming Broadband meetings, activities, events, lectures, and more on our calendar of events. You’ll find national Broadwalks, Broadworks, or advocacy activities there as well. For more information, contact the main office with questions or write to the Broadband leader in your area to find out what they’re up to. Contact information is found on the Broadband page.