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Wilderness Advocacy Leadership Training Session (WALTS)

Are you ready to step up for the wild? Join us for FREE advocacy and leadership training. See the form below to apply.

In 2020 and 2021, we held 2-part virtual training sessions for new Broadband Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Leadership Team Members. We hope to return to in-person training in 2022. Dates for the next training sessions will be posted here when scheduled.

Part 1
Introduction to Wilderness Advocacy Leadership

Learn what every Broadband Leader needs to know in order to represent Broads in their community. This includes:
  • The organization’s history and mission
  • Our unique niche within the conservation movement
  • Key strategies and advocacy priorities
  • Our theory of grassroots organizing and how to apply it in your community
  • Important tools and simple admin systems
  • Mentoring with one-on-one phone calls with experienced Broadband Leaders

Part 2
Wilderness Advocacy Leadership Training—Going Deeper

We take a deeper dive into grassroots organizing, carving out a lot of time for small group discussion and peer-to-peer learning. Additional training includes:
  • Broadband planning techniques
  • Developing effective leadership structures
  • Best practices for communication and engagement with community members
  • Relationship building
  • And more!

More about WALTS

This educational program includes powerful leadership training sessions that are hands-on, experiential, educational, and FUN! Our leaders are trained in essential skills to build and motivate Broadbands to use effective and meaningful democratic action to protect the wild places we love most. Topics include:

  • How to take a stand on ecological issues
  • How to interact and advocate for healthy public lands with elected officials and land management agencies
  • Grassroots organizing techniques
  • Leadership, communication, and lobbying skills
  • Wilderness and public lands history
  • Broads’ positions on issues such as grazing, off-road vehicles, and oil, gas, and mineral development

Your Commitment?

Participants are responsible for developing a one-year plan for their Broadband. The Broadband Leader position calls for a two-year commitment. Here is the Broadband Leader position description. Contact us to learn more.

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“Activism is my rent for living on this planet.” – Alice Walker

Women for the Wild Campaign

Grassroots Leadership Director Lisa Pool talks about how donations to the Women for the Wild Fundraising campaign support our work to train, inspire, and support advocates for America’s wild public lands and waters.

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