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Become a Broadband Leader

Are you ready for a deeper commitment?

Apply to be a Broadband leader

Step Up as a Broadband Leader

Do you…

  • Display “Broadness” (fierce passion for wild land protection, humor, inclusiveness, open to diverse input)?
  • Practice strong communication skills and have the ability to work with volunteers?
  • Have a strong awareness of the current conservation challenges in your region, and what might be done to create change?
  • Have prior conservation or wilderness knowledge, or a desire to learn and share?

If you answered yes to these, then a volunteer Broadband leadership position might be for you!

We help people all over the country start Broadbands, build membership, and create action. Each broadband has a leader or co-leaders that fuel the momentum of their teams by providing support, leadership, and resources needed to hit the ground running.

Wilderness Advocacy Leadership Training Sessions (WALTS)

If you’re ready to take on a leadership position, we’ll provide you with solid training, support, mentoring, and the right tools. Our annual Wilderness Advocacy Leadership Training Sessions (WALTS) for new leaders each spring offers an intensive, fun, and engaging experience.

You’ll learn about:

  • Grassroots organizing and democratic action.
  • Communication and leadership development.
  • Lobbying, public engagement, and advocacy techniques.
  • The history of Broads and wilderness.
  • Public lands management agencies and how you can influence decision making.
  • Planning events, activities, and campaigns.
  • Documenting observations and collecting data in the field.
  • Public lands issues related to the impacts of grazing, roads and off-road vehicles, oil, gas, and mineral development, climate change, and more.
  • How to lend a hand in creating a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive (i.e. broader) conservation community.

Your Commitment?

WALTS participants are responsible for developing a one-year plan for their Broadband. The Broadband Leader position calls for a two-year commitment.

Contact us at 970-385-9577 or