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Grassroots Advocacy FAQs

Broads’ Grassroots Leadership Program supports the organization’s Broadband chapter advocacy and outreach efforts. This program serves our mission through by working with chapters on educational outreach, training, grassroots organizing strategies, and more.

What is grassroots organizing anyway?

Grassroots organizing is a from-the-ground-up, democratic approach where people with common goals come together to take action on issues. It is often referred to as a movement of the people. Grassroots advocacy comes in many forms including (but not limited to) letter writing campaigns, speaking at public hearings, providing education on issues, organizing and attending rallies and protests, working with federal land management agencies (U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, etc.), providing input on public land management plans, and more.

How does grassroots advocacy play a role in Broads’ approach to public lands protection and Wilderness designation?

Our Broadband chapters are comprised of women and men of all ages and backgrounds who wish to preserve and protect America’s public lands. The chapters advocate around threats and issues related to  wild landscapes across the country and work together to coordinate educational outreach, stewardship opportunities, and other on-the-ground efforts to conserve America’s public lands.

Does grassroots advocacy make a difference?

Yes! But it’s not easy and often takes a lot of time. Broads have been making a mark on wilderness designation and public lands protection since 1989. We have contributed to Wilderness protection, monument designation, climate action, road closures, healthy grazing practices, responsible recreation use, and forest, water, and land health.

There are issues I’m really passionate about in my area. How do I know if your organization works on them?

Our primary mission is to protect and preserve Wilderness and wild public lands from threats that include energy and mineral extraction, illegal off road activities, unsustainable livestock grazing, climate change, and more. Be sure to read our position statements on public land threats on our website under “Our Work”. Contact your local Broadband to find out about the issues they are working on. If you have a local issue you’d like to take action on and don’t know where to begin, contact our grassroots leadership and advocacy experts at our main office at 970-385-9577.