Chehalis River: Watershed Health, Climate Resilience, and Ecosystem Restoration Webinar Series

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A 4-Part Webinar Series

Do you have a stake in the health of the watersheds of southwest Washington? Want to learn more about climate resilience as it relates to water in general? We’re gathering experts to bring you a fabulous educational speaker series that will empower you to do your part for healthy waterways.


Join us for a series webinars about the Chehalis River watershed,  where you’ll learn about:

  • The value of rivers, wetlands, and watersheds in SW Washington in a changing climate  
  • Tribal perspectives on the Chehalis River and climate change impacts
  • Threats and opportunities for restoration within the Chehalis River watershed

Webinar #1

Climate Change and the Chehalis Basin

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
7:00–8:00 pm, PST

Speaker: Alexa Brown,
Grays Harbor Stream Team Coordinator

Alexa has a background in stream restoration and invasive species removal in the southwest Washington region. She has degrees in both Environmental Policy and Environmental Science from Western Washington University.  She’s currently working to bring the community closer together around increasing the health and resiliency of the streams and waterways of the Chehalis basin.

More speakers and webinar dates to come!

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Upcoming stewardship opportunity for Washington residents: 

Please join the Washington Broadbands for three days of fun, hands-on stewardship on the banks of the Chehalis River!

On November 4, 5, and 6th, Broads volunteers will remove invasive species and plant native species in order to support the health and resilience of the beautiful, free-flowing Chehalis River. The Chehalis Land Trust, Broadband leaders, and other local partners will guide us in identifying local climate impacts and the benefits of intact river ecosystems.

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