Crusts in the Canyon Broadwork

Crusts in the Canyon Broadwork

Become a Crust Connoisseur and Data Diva (or divo)!

In partnership with the Grand Canyon Trust, working with Mary O’Brien and staff, you’ll spend five full days in the incomparable landscapes of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument learning all about the importance of biological soil crusts, which play an important role in the environment.

You’ll travel in small groups by vehicle and on foot to collect data on the condition of soil crusts in various areas. There will be some hiking to survey sites, but it won’t be much more than a mile or so.

 Getting Dirty for Data

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being developed for the Monument and your help collecting data is critical to developing an understanding of the condition of the area’s biological soil crusts and the impact of grazing on the health of the ecosystem.

You Too Can Be a Citizen Scientist

This is a great trip for beginners, because no experience (or pocket protector) is necessary—Mary and team will train you about the natural history, the importance of soil crusts, and in data collection methods.

Camping, Camaraderie, and Cuisine

We’ll camp in a cozy primitive site, away from the bustle of the crowd. But no worries, porta-potties will be provided. Our camp cook extraordinaire, Ronni Egan, will prepare a delicious breakfast and dinner each day for attendees. Be prepared to hang out around the campfire with some awesome Broads and Bros.