July 13–17: Redwoods Broadwalk II

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July 13–17*

Redwoods Broadwalk II

Outside of Crescent City, CA

Members:  $235.00 • Non-members $275.00  

*Note: This Broadwalk is also offered on July 6-10. Click HERE if you prefer those dates.


Special Opportunity

Participants will have the option to register for a kayak trip down the Smith River through old-growth redwood forest. This 5-6 hour experience includes kayak, PFD, and shuttle service for only $50. Space is limited, so CALL us at 970-385-9577 as soon as you’ve registered if you wish to reserve a spot and make payment. This will only be available for a limited time to provide the outfitter adequate time for planning.

A Tree-Hugger’s Delight

The Redwoods Broadwalk will surely leave an indelible mark on your soul. Join us in a celebration of old growth forests in the Klamath-Siskiyou region that straddles California and Oregon. This ecoregion is a global center of biodiversity, with mixed evergreen, subalpine, and redwood forests, oak woodlands, savannahs, and meadows.

The coastal redwoods found here are the tallest trees on our planet, reaching 30 feet in diameter and almost 400 feet tall. They can live to be thousands of years old. John Steinbeck called these ancient trees, “ambassadors from another time”.

We’ll work with the Northcoast Environmental Center, California Wilderness Coalition, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the River, the Sierra Club, event sponsor Save The Redwoods League, and other local conservation groups to advocate for the addition of 300,000 acres to northwest California’s wilderness system, including potential wilderness in Redwood National Park. Surprisingly, there are no wilderness areas that protect our giant redwoods. Acting as part of America’s “lungs”, these forests help curb climate change and clean our air. Tragically, 95% of the original two-million acres of these forests have been logged. 

Take Broads’ Advocacy Full Circle!

In October, participants on the Let’s Mother Earth D.C. Broadwalk will lobby for this wilderness addition. Consider making it a “two-fer” and take your passion for the redwoods to Washington D.C.!

Our first day, we’ll work with the Six Rivers National Forest on a variety of stewardship projects. The next two days provide an array of recreational activities to teach us about this amazing area. There will be a selection of guided hikes for all skill and adventure levels, bird watching opportunities, and even a full moon walk.

The Forest Service has graciously supplied us with a private group campground in the Smith River National Recreation Area adjacent to the Smith River. Bring your kayak, and with enough interest, we will enlist a local outfitter for a paddling adventure.

For the Love of Learning

Conservation leaders, who helped develop the proposed Northwest California’s Mountains & Rivers bill, will delve into the history of the area, the ecology, anthropology, and wildlife. Experts and “ologists” will talk to us about the highly-evolved ecosystems and enormous biomass found in the canopies of the giant redwoods, the role of wildfire, how dam removal has restored wild salmon runs, and how endangered species depend on the forest for their survival. We’ll hear about the proposed Bigfoot National Recreation Trail. We’ll also get local tribal perspectives, and possibly a basket weaving class one afternoon. 

We will learn how pioneer women activists were key in preventing these giants from being cut down during the glory days of logging in the early 1900’s. If it weren’t for these brave women holding the line, these trees would be gone. 

Today, almost one hundred years later, the old growth argument is heating up again. It is this last patch of old growth trees that brings local communities sustainable recreation and tourism dollars that far outweigh the shortsighted profits reaped from timber harvest. People travel from all over the world to see the magnificent redwood trees.

Healthy & Handcrafted Meals

We are thrilled to shout from the tallest old growth redwood that Wild Roots Catering, from Crescent City, California, will serve us delicious, organic, locally sourced food. Owner Chelsea Baier takes an artisan approach, offering meals with plenty of protein, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, plus vegetarian and gluten-free options. Wild Roots Catering will provide breakfast and dinner. Each participant is responsible for her own trail lunches and snacks.

Thanks to our event sponsor!

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More event details, an agenda, and a packing list will be sent to registrants 3–4 weeks before the event.

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