Where Cows Don’t Graze – Southwest Colorado

Join the Grand Canyon Trust and the Great Old Broads for Wilderness as we learn to observe and report on the differences between public lands that have been grazed and those that have been ungrazed!


The Bureau of Land Management authorizes grazing on 7.8 million acres of public lands in Colorado. The impacts of grazing can be seen on nearly every habitat, plant community, food web, soil type, and species. Current grazing practices upset the delicate balance of key Colorado Plateau natural areas — and this is why we need your help! The Grand Canyon Trust is undertaking a three-year project called “Where Cows Don’t Graze” to map all areas officially closed to livestock grazing throughout the Colorado Plateau, an area that includes northern Arizona, southern and central Utah, western Colorado, and northwestern New Mexico. We are also mapping all science studies that have compared conditions (e.g., wildlife, biocrusts, flowers) inside and outside of these closed areas.  

You’ll learn from the best! Trip leader is Broads’ Board of Directors member Mary O’Brien, and you’ll also be joined by our Grassroots Leadership Coordinator Mike Kruse.

Register by May 20!

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