• Southern_San_Juan_Broadband

    Colorado – South San Juan Broadband

    Colorado—South San Juan Broadband Geographic area The South San Juan Broadband encompasses a whole lot of beautiful mountain wilderness in southwest Colorado. Broadband Leaders: Louise vanVonno and Chara Ragland Contact us: SSJBroads@gmail.com Are you passionate about wild, public lands? Want to make a difference in your local area? As you know, there are numerous areas [...]

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  • Colorado – Northwest Colorado Broadband

    Colorado - Northwest Colorado  Broadband Geographic area Northwest Colorado—Routt, Moffat, Jackson, and Rio Blanco counties. Broadband Leaders:   Diane Miller, Cristina Harmon, and Barbara Vasquez Contact us: Diane Miller dianemiller43@gmail.com Cristina Harmon steambabe@gmail.com Barbara Vasquez bv_99_munich@yahoo.com   Co-Leader Diane Miller Focus Areas: Local trails issues Climate change Forest planning Oil and gas development/impact on public [...]

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  • Colorado – Four Corners Broadband

    Colorado—Four Corners Broadband Geographic area Serving the Four Corners region of southwest Colorado, southeast Utah, northeast Arizona, and northwest New Mexico. Broadband Leaders: Jennifer Singer and Shelby Robinson Contact us: Jennifer Singer jennifer7792@gmail.com Shelby Robinson sheerobin@gmail.com   Like all Great Old Broads for Wilderness, the Four Corners Broads are committed to wilderness and public lands.  [...]

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  • California – SoCal Broadband

    California - Welcome to the SoCal  Broadband Geographic area The SoCal Broadband includes Southern California, from the northern county lines of San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino south to the Mexican border. Broadband Leaders: Margaret Meyncke Contact us: Margaret Meyncke socalbroads@gmail.com SoCal Broadband Region The SOCAL Broadband was created in January 2021 during a [...]

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  • Arizona—Sonoran Broadband

    Arizona—Sonoran Broadband Geographic area The Sonoran chapter serves Arizona in the Phoenix area. Broadband Leaders: Roz Switzer, Emily Matyas Contact us: Emily Matyas emilymatyas1003@gmail.com Roz Switzer switzerroz@gmail.com Focus Areas: Water in the desert The border wall Environmental Day at the Capital Projects: Documenting construction and environmental destruction at the border wall Meeting with elected officials [...]

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  • Broads Associate Director Lauren Berutich

    Lauren Berutich, Associate Director

    Lauren Berutich, Associate Director Lauren has nearly 20 years of experience teaching environmental education, grassroots organizing, conservation and stewardship coordination, advocacy, and public work for sustainable community development. She served as Broads’ Grassroots Leadership Director for nearly four years, overseeing the training, guidance, and support of volunteer chapter leaders across the country. Prior to that, [...]

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  • Jason Vaughn, Communications Coordinator

    Jason Vaughn, Communications Coordinator Jason brings over 20 years of experience in journalism and communications to Great Old Broads. He has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri, and worked as a reporter, editor, and content producer for small-town newspapers all the way up to the largest cable networks before switching to [...]

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  • Verde River Water Monitoring

    Arizona – Yavapai-Prescott Broadband

    Arizona – Yavapai-Prescott Broadband Geographic area Yavapai County and throughout the state of Arizona in cooperation with the Phoenix, Tucson, and Aldo Leopold Broadbands. Broadband Leaders: Jenny Cobb Contact us: Jenny Cobb cobbsrun@msn.com Focus Areas: Advocates for the recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolf Support for the San Carlos Apache Tribe in saving Oak Flat. [...]

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  • Arizona – Tucson Broadband

    Arizona – Tucson Broadband Geographic area Southern Arizona from Tucson south to the Mexican border. Broadband Leaders: Fran Krackow and Su Libby Contact us: Fran Krackow mustknit@gmail.com Su Libby bigwiscon@gmail.com   Su Libby Fran Krackow Welcome to the Tucson-area Broadband in the heart of the spectacular Sonoran Desert, with its abundance of native plants and [...]

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  • Alaska – Alaska Soles Broadband

    Alaska - Welcome to the Alaska Soles  Broadband Geographic area The Alaska Soles Broadband represents the entire state of Alaska! Broadband Leaders: Loren Karro & Kathy O'Reilly-Doyle Contact us: alaskasoles@gmail.com Great Old Broad’s for Wilderness is on the map in Alaska! The Alaska Soles Broadband has been jump-started, by Loren Karro and Kathy O’Reilly-Doyle. When [...]

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